15-Inch MacBook Pro Shipping Estimates Have Slipped Back Considerably – Newer Models Inbound Shortly?


Not running the latest and greatest 7th generation Kaby Lake processors on the 15-inch MacBook Pro family was definitely a setback for several users, not to mention the lack of compatible I/O. For consumers waiting for the refreshed versions of these portable machines, it looks like their prayers might have been answered thanks to new evidence found on Apple’s online store. Looking at the shipping estimates for the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, the dates have been pushed back extensively, meaning that a new door for better performing models might be opening real soon.

Latest Refresh of MacBook Pro Models Have Been Rumored to be Running Intel’s Latest Processors and Can Be Configured up to 32GB of RAM

The 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is now showing an estimated delivery quote as June 5 – June 7. Not only this, but popular online retailer Amazon is also displaying limited quantities of the powerful portable machine, which might shed some light on Apple’s intentions on releasing a new family of 15-inch MacBook Pro models.

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According to previous rumors, the newest family of 15-inch MacBook Pro models will be running Intel’s Kaby Lake processors, with different sources close to the matter stating that these notebooks can be configured up to 32GB of RAM to give creative professionals and hardcore content creators more freedom of memory to carry out intensive tasks and operations.

In a previous rumor, Apple had every intention to use Intel’s Kaby Lake chips for its 2016 MacBook Pro lineup but the manufacturer had not prepared those chips for the Cupertino tech firm, leaving them with no choice but to settle with the Skylake processor variants instead.

While the 15-inch MacBook Pro models have had their shipping estimates pushed back, the 13-inch MacBook Pro models (via 9to5Mac) appear to have a normal ETA, suggesting that these models might not get the upgrade as expected.

Do you guys think that consumers should wait to get themselves a new 15-inch MacBook Pro, preferably waiting for the Kaby Lake lineup to arrive? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.