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Satechi Type-C Power Meter Will Now Prevent Bad Cables From Frying Your Electronics


The Type-C USB standard is will eventually become a mainstream standard in phones and laptops because of what it is capable of doing. However, there are lots of Type-C USB cables that can damage your expensive hardware ranging from mobile computing devices and notebooks. In order to help maintain your foresight and prevent harm coming to your expensive gadgets, Satechi claims that it has solved the problem thanks to its Type-C Power Meter.

The Satechi Type-C Power Meter Provides Digital Reading of Voltage and Current Thus Preventing Bad Cables From Causing Harm

According to the company, the gadget made by the company measures voltage, current, and the current delivered over time that your existing Type-C USB cables are delivering to gadgets that also feature the same port. If what the company says is true, then it could be a very helpful tool in preventing users from accidentally frying their electronics. While it is always good practice to purchase certified chargers and cables (which will also be a tad bit expensive, but will save you a lot in the long run), this tool could also serve the same purpose.

Satechi Has a New Type-C USB Hub That Features All the Ports You Could Ever Need for the 2016 MacBook Pro

There are several reviews present on Amazon that give proper details on what to look for when purchasing an aftermarket Type-C USB cable, so we’d be on the lookout for that if we were you. For example, Apple’s new MacBook Pro feature several Type-C USB ports and although there are safety measures present to prevent harm being inflicted to the notebook, often times the charging port could stop working as a result of a bad cable, which is still not a good thing.

If you’re still interested in purchasing the Satechi Type-C USB Power Meter, it is available for the price of $29.99 on their website. The company is also known for making Type-C USB hubs for Apple’s 12-inch MacBook.