Samsung Unveiled Its Stretchable OLED Display And It Is Simply Beautiful

Zarmeen Shahzad
Stretchable OLED Display

Samsung is famous for the way it works with its screens and displays. Only last week, an image of the company’s new prototype stretchable display was everywhere. Now the company unveiled something very mesmerizing. It is a stretchable OLED display panel that has the elasticity to bend in two directions without breaking. Amazing, right?

Stretchable OLED Display

The screen was showcased at Display Week 2017. This 9.1-inch stretchable OLED display is being called a next generation technology. It is expected that it will one day become part of wearable, Internet (IoT), automotive and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. This stretchable OLED display is different from the flexible OLED display that exists in Galaxy S8. According to the company the display can bend in two directions with up to 12 mm of travel before it returns to its original shape like a rubber balloon.

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In conventional flexible OLEDs movement is in only one direction in the form of bending, folding or rolling. The new stretchable OLED display shows a lot of promise in terms of futuristic technology. If the screen is pressed from above, it gets depressed and then returns to its flat shape. Even when it is stretched up or down, it possesses sufficient elasticity to go back to its original shape without damage.

Two Rivals join hands for the future?

It is rumored that the tech giant Apple has signed a two year $9 billion contract with Samsung to supply the OLED display panels. These display panels will then be used in the upcoming iPhone 8. If it’s true then it would make a great headline. Two great competitors (and rivals) coming together for future advancements in tech. Arrogant Apple joins hands with Samsung to bring about future tech advancements. The possibilities are endless.
Check out the video below to get a ‘feel’ of what I mean. Its breathtaking and has a certain charm to it that cannot be described.


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