Samsung Teases New AI-Based Product Called Neon; Could it Replace Bixby?


At CES 2020, Samsung will reportedly unveil a new 'AI-based product' called Neon. The company has already created a dedicated website and even a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page for Neon. The pages have one solitary post that says, "NEON = ARTIFICIAL HUMAN" in several languages.

Oh and there's the incessant use of the phrase “Have you ever met an ‘ARTIFICIAL’?”  All this hype around its artificial intelligence prowess could mean that it might be some new on-device AI exclusive to the Galaxy S11 series.

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The product is being developed by Samsung Technology & Advanced Research Labs, an independent unit of Samsung Electronics. Neon can reportedly speak, recognize, and think at a human level, or at least aim to.

Will Neon replace Bixby?

Considering that Neon is advertised to do just about everything Bixby can (or claims to,) this is the first question that pops up in my mind. Despite the customers telling it otherwise, Samsung seems to think that Bixby is still salvageable. Its only redeeming feature is Bixby Routines as it has the potential to replace automation apps such as Tasker.

It is obvious that Samsung has put in copious amounts of money towards developing both Bixby and Neon. Samsung will most certainly not give Bixby the ax altogether. Perhaps Neon could take on some of Bixby's existing roles and focus on other things such as Routines.

So that takes us back to the original question. Just what IS Neon? It could be some on-device AI that talks to you along the way. It could even have a 3D interface complete with a customizable face, body, and voice. Either way, the chances of Neon working in tandem with Bixby are higher than that of replacing it outright. The only thing I'm worried about is yet another dedicated button that I'll have to remap.