Samsung Store Catches Fire Ahead Of Galaxy S8 Launch, What Are The Odds?


No one knows the burns of fire like Samsung; the company suffered its biggest ever blow with Galaxy Note7's fiery incidents resulting in the total recall of the smartphone units around the world. Now, months after the Note7's tragic ending, the company is gearing up to unveil the new flagship device - the Galaxy S8. However, things are not going as per the plan. According to a report by Channel News Asia, Samsung's store in Singapore caught fire today resulting in temporary closure of the store.

Samsung released a statement confirming the incident at its Samsung Experience Store at AMK Hub in Singapore. The store suffered fire early in the morning on Tuesday before the store opened. Samsung's store was not the only store in the locality that was shut down after the fire, and its neighbouring stores also suffered the same. Samsung also reported that overhead sprinklers quickly extinguished the fire and that “no one was injured during the incident.”

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The reason behind the fire is still unknown, but Samsung’s infamous past has left many thinking if it was caused by some smartphone in the store. These are mere speculations, though, and we will get to know the reason soon. Samsung further commented on the matter and said that it is “currently assessing the property damage and working closely with the authorities to determine the cause of the fire.” The company plans on keeping the store closed until the investigation is over. Fire in electronics stores can be caused due to a variety of reasons, but this news came into the light because of Samsung’s involvement.

Well, Samsung does seem to have some connection with fire with or without a smartphone. The timing, however, is a bit crucial for the South Korean giant as it is in the final stages to bring out the Galaxy S8 out of the veil. Both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are slated to be announced at an event in New York City tomorrow. We hope that this time around Samsung has performed all the necessary checks on the battery to ensure that another flagship device does not suffer the same fate as the Galaxy Note7.