Samsung Draws Closer and Closer to Apple’s Smartphone Sales Number for Q3


Apple might maintain its top position in terms of smartphone sales but Samsung is slowing narrowing this gap with a large number of mobile phone sales for the third quarter of this year.

Samsung has managed to diversify its smartphone lineup and incorporate high-end features in its mid-ranged lineup too to help maintain a steady momentum. The upcoming Galaxy A series will also be getting a spec bump and possibly a design change, which should improve the shipments number for the tech giant.

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Apple Continues to Lead the Smartphone Profits Game With a Market Share That Is More Than Three Times That of Samsung

Data accumulated by Strategy Analytics shows that Apple accounted for 32 percent of the industry's combined revenue in the July-September period, while Samsung possesses a share of 23.1 percent. While this 8.9 percentage gap is quite a large number, Samsung has done very well to bring it down to single digits.

During the same quarter in 2015, Samsung was trailing with a 15.5 percentage gap. Coming back strong after the Galaxy Note7 fiasco with a massive design change oozing from the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8 has helped Samsung’s position quite a bit. The company has also been rumored to announce the Galaxy S9 in January 2018 to give it the earliest lead in the smartphone market possible.

In terms of operating profit, however, Apple continues to have its shadow stretched over its biggest rival in the smartphone industry with a 69.9 percent grip of the market. In comparison, Samsung accounted for 21.8 percent. However, in retrospect, the Korean tech giant has actually performed better because this gap has dropped from 66.9 percentage points to 48.1 percentage points over the same period.

While Samsung continues to bring premium features to its non-flagship smartphone family, Apple will also be enjoying a massive iPhone X sales onslaught. With 6 million units of the flagship sold during Black Friday, things are looking better than ever for the Cupertino tech giant.

News Source: The Korea Herald