Samsung Has Enhanced Its Security Features For Its Flagship Galaxy S9 – Features Are More Personalized Than Ever


Along with enhancing some features in its new Galaxy S9 flagship phones, Samsung is also adding some security features that will protect users’ content. The new phones are being protected by the company’s Knox security platform and biometric technologies. These enhanced security features include Intelligent Scan and Dedicated Fingerprint. Let’s take a look at how these features will provide better security.

Samsung S9 Security Enhancements

The company has tried to make accessing the phone as easy and secure as possible. The Intelligent Scan is a learning-based verification solution and it will allow users to unlock their phones with just a glance. This feature will do this by utilizing both the iris scanning and facial recognition technology. The feature will not only analyze your visible facial features but also the lighting in your surroundings. It will then determine the best authentication method to allow you to access your phone. This multimode approach will ensure that biometric authentication will be successful in all environments.

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Apple also claimed that the Face ID could be used in all surroundings with all lighting conditions but some reviews have claimed that it is problematic at times. We have yet to evaluate how the S9 feature works.

This technology is utilizing a lot of data to ensure that your face is recognizable from a wide range of angles. The iris scanning technology has also been enhanced so that it can identify iris patterns from greater distances. What I like best about these enhanced technologies is that you won’t have to adjust your cap or your scarf evert time you have to open your phone.

The company also plans on integrating Intelligent Scan support into multiple applications. It will start with Samsung Pass. Your question at this point would be that why would the company do this? Well, with this function, users will be able to enjoy the same level of security even when entering sensitive information on the Samsung Internet mobile app.

Personalized Security Experience

Some new features have been added to the finger-print scanner at the rear end. This sensor will now allow users to register their fingerprint with one swipe and also allows one Dedicated Fingerprint. This can be used for an additional layer of security for the Secure Folder. This folder can be home for all your private apps and files.

Upon unlocking the phone using the dedicated finger, the phone will automatically display Secure Folder’s contents. It is up to the user’s discretion, how they want the folder to be displayed. It could be in the form of a regular folder or as a launcher. All these features allow the entire S9 and S9 Plus experience to be more personalized than ever.

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