Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 Series Will Eventually Make Phones Cheaper but Give Them More Performance and Efficiency

Omar Sohail
Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 Series Will Eventually Make Phones Cheaper but Give Them More Performance and Efficiency

This morning at the MWC 2018, Qualcomm unveiled a new tier of Snapdragon SoCs. It has been named the Snapdragon 700 Mobile Platform Series and aims to reduce the gap between the 600 and the 800 series. In short, it will offer a lot of the features of the Snapdragon 800 series, but at a more affordable price.

No Manufacturing Process of the Snapdragon 700 Series Listed - Aims to Be Much Faster Than the Snapdragon 660 While Offering More Features in Return

Qualcomm is subdividing Snapdragon further, making a sub-premium brand that is below the 800 series but above the 600 series. In a short press release, Qualcomm stated that the goal of the new Snapdragon 700 series is to offer the kind of premium features found in the 800 series but at a cheaper price.

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The company has not provided extensive details on the latest mobile platform but states that when compared against the Snapdragon 660, it will be able to achieve twice the AI performance and 30 percent better power efficiency than other members. We should also expect newer CPU and GPU architectures from Qualcomm.

Although Qualcomm has announced this as a new product offering, it seems more like a subset of the 600 series. While the 800 series has consisted of only a single current generation design in recent years, the 600 series usually offers 2 or 3 different chips, with different specifications. For instance, the current Snapdragon 630 is a Cortex-A35 part but the Snapdragon 660 has a fourth of Kryo cores.

Unfortunately, Qualcomm has not stated as to when it will be officially releasing these or when its partners will start to incorporate these into their own devices. We should expect them during the second half of 2018 though. Their performance numbers should be also introduced in the future, and then we’ll get to know where this category of chipsets are placed.

Are you excited to see Qualcomm bridging the performance gap between the Snapdragon 800 and 600 series? Tell us down in the comments.

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