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Samsung Has Started to Sell Refurbished Phones in the United States


Samsung was earlier reported to begin selling refurbished smartphones in an attempt to rake more revenues from previous flagship handsets. The company’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge might have boosted the company’s revenue to great heights, but with the market getting more and more competitive, maybe the only thing consumers need are cheap, but powerful phones that possess previous gen, but very capable hardware.

Samsung Refurbished Smartphones Are Now Available to Purchase in the United States

According to sources close to the matter, Samsung wants to maximize its cost efficiency and keep operating margins above 10 percent. If you’re interested to see how these phones are going to be sold, then head down to Samsung’s US website, where you will be able to see a wide range of phones belonging to the company being sold. The most powerful version that you can purchase right now is the Galaxy S6 edge, and it goes all the way down to a Galaxy Note 3.

What’s more is that you can a 12-month warranty period, along with free shipping, so what’s more could you ask for from this program? We were honestly expecting Samsung to commence this program within its own region, but seeing as how the United States is the largest smartphone market in terms of revenue generated, it is only fitting that the tech giant started it from there.

However, if the company has started the program in the United States, then we are confident that it will do wonders in emerging markets such as those present in the Asia. In major Asian countries, where the consumer behavior is more inclined to purchase a used smartphone than a brand new one because they feel that there is more value in spending less money, the program would do quite well. In these markets, most of these handsets carry a very limited warranty period or none at all. If Samsung is able to provide what other vendors are unable to; ‘after sales’ service, then these markets will service the South Korean’s purpose quite well.

Samsung has not commented on the fact if it is going to be bringing its refurbished smartphone program to other countries, but we should continue to remain patient.