Samsung Offering a Whopping $700 Trade-in Value for the iPhone 12 mini to Get Any Galaxy S21 Model

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Samsung Offering a Whopping $700 Trade-in Value for the iPhone 12 mini to Get Any Galaxy S21 Model

Samsung likely has some enticing offers for its loyal customers as well as for those wanting to jump ship to the company’s upcoming Galaxy S21 family. One of them is a bunch of attractive trade-in deals equivalent to the retail price of a released smartphone not too long ago.

Yes, we’re talking about a $700 trade-in for the iPhone 12 mini, Apple’s compact flagship that’s available for the same price. That’s some offer, but aside from that, Samsung has trade-in deals for customers already possessing a Galaxy S or Galaxy Note model, so here are all the details you should know.

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With the Latest Trade-in Offer, You Can Pretty Much Purchase a Galaxy S21 Ultra for $600, Assuming You’re Living in the U.S.

Twitter user Sakitech provided fresh details surrounding Samsung’s trade-in offer. To get any Galaxy S21 version, you can bring in your iPhone 12 mini, and you’ll receive a trade-in of $700. Of course, the iPhone 12 mini needs to be in near-perfect condition for the customer to avail the offer, but it’s still a sweet deal, regardless. To get the same trade-in offer with any Samsung-branded smartphone, you’ll have to present any Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, or a member of the Galaxy S20 series.

There are no trade-in details for the pricier iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, so we’ll keep you updated on more information shortly. As for the less expensive Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10e, Samsung will reportedly provide a trade-in of $550, which is still a solid amount.

Even if you have a Galaxy Note 9, a Galaxy S9, or the Galaxy S9 Plus, you’ll get a decent $350 of the trade-in value. This shows Samsung wants a whole lot of users gravitating to the Galaxy S21 series. If you check the entire Twitter thread, it’s mentioned that Samsung could increase the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s trade-in values once pre-orders of the Galaxy S21 start, so it may be considered a positive sign for consumers to hold onto their current-generation flagships for a little while longer.

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News Source: Sakitech

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