Samsung to Give AMD and NVIDIA a Run for Their Money as It Preps Chips Specifically Designed for Mining

Samsung mining chips manufacturing

Samsung’s prowess at making its in-house SoCs for smartphones and tablets, not to mention having an entire chip fabrication plant for a wide number of clients, the Korean giant is ready to take it to the next level and take on companies like NVIDIA and AMD in the cryptocurrency mining game. We do not expect Samsung to make its own GPUs right, now but that might become a possibility in the future.

Custom Chips for Mining Purposes From Samsung Are Expected to Be Made on the 10nm Node - No Info on How These Will Be Used for Cryptocurrency Mining

According to Samsung’s spokesperson that spoke with TechCrunch, it has been confirmed that Samsung has started manufacturing ASIC chips.

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“In the first quarter, earnings are expected to rise on the ramp-up of 2nd generation 10nm process products for this year’s flagship smartphones and growing demand for cryptocurrency mining chips.”

The manufacturing of ASICs chips means that not only is Samsung expected to give NVIDIA and AMD a whirlwind of competition in the mining space, but OEMs that make such machines, such as Bitmain. Mining cryptocurrency will require you to purchase an NVIDIA or AMD GPU or if you want to make sure that you’re going to be making a sizable investment, then an ASIC is going to be your next bet.

Right now, it has not been confirmed if these chips are going to be present in mobile devices or separate enclosures like how Bitmain sells them, but the efficient 10nm architecture means that the overall electricity bill is going to be reduced in the future. It is also possible that these chips might not boast the same hash rate as modern-day GPUs, but we’ll see what future developments hold for all companies that are involved in mining.

How do you think Samsung is going to make its ASIC chips function? Tell us down in the comments.

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News Source: TechCrunch

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