Samsung Job Openings Reveal That It Is Planning to Make Its Own Mobile GPU in the Future – Farewell ARM Mali

Omar Sohail
Samsung custom mobile GPU

It is no secret that Samsung employs the use of its custom-made chipsets for mobile devices and tablets. The chipsets are comprised of ARM’s low-powered processors paired with Samsung’s custom power cores that are able to deliver impressive performance in the likes of the Exynos 8895-powered Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

However, it is the GPU side of things that we feel Samsung will be taking an initiative against because according to the latest job openings, it looks like the South Korean tech giant might be looking to reduce dependency on ARM and proceed to make its own custom mobile GPU.

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Samsung Looking to Hire Talent for Company’s Next GPU Solution Means the Firm Is Looking to Reduce Dependency on Both Qualcomm and ARM

For years now, Samsung has closely relied on ARM’s Mali and Qualcomm’s Adreno GPUs to be paired with the processor in smartphones but it looks like the future might see things very differently. According to the leaked job opening (via ITHome), Samsung will be looking to reduce dependency on both Qualcomm and Adreno with the production of its own custom mobile graphics processor which should play nicely with the actual processor.

“You will be a member of the GPU performance team and a key contributor in identifying workloads and developing tests for GPU performance analysis and verification. Responsibilities include:

Specify and review GPU performance and test plans for graphics (GLES) as well as compute (OCL) workloads

Implement micro-benchmarks that focus on specific performance targets

Analyze existing GPU benchmarks and identify key samples that best represent the workload

Work closely with the architecture and implementation teams to identify performance issues in the GPU”

That’s not to say that Samsung will completely forego its partnership with ARM and Qualcomm. For a reduced number of units (which will eventually lead to lowered production costs) Samsung will most likely continue to partner with ARM because the source claims that we will get to see the first sample of the company’s mobile GPU solution in two to three years.

Hopefully, the production of its own custom mobile GPU will allow it to score better results than Qualcomm’s Adreno series. What do you think of this latest development? Tell us in the comments right away.

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