Samsung Job Title and Description Confirms the Presence of an AI Assistant for Galaxy S8


The acquisition of Viv Labs a while back will bear fruit in the form of an AI assistant that Samsung is referring to as Bixby. Previous leaks have already shown up confirming the existence of Bixby and it is more than possible that we will see this addition in the upcoming Galaxy S8. In addition to collaborating with Google to perfecting its virtual assistant, there is also a job title that pretty much confirms the existence of that AI assistant, and also confirming that the tech giant requires a specialist in this field to further improve the newest feature that will find its place in the Galaxy S8.

Job Title States the Hiring of a ‘Principal Program Manager’ – Refining the AI Assistant Will Be One of Their Primary Responsibilities

Though the Galaxy S8 is going to ship out with Bixby pre-installed, the software will still require constant tuning. The objective of the newly employed individual will probably be to spearhead the improving of the AI assistant in the form of software updates, which we’re sure is also going to be carried out by other competitors ranging from Nokia, Huawei and Xiaomi. Smartphone manufacturers are racing to the top with their own versions of AI assistants, and according to one report, this is being done in order to boost smartphone sales.

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Though these virtual assistants will be in their nascent forms, it is possible that they will learn overtime and adapt to the owner’s interests and provide them with recommendations according to their liking. The Principal Program Manager (via Sammobile) will be responsible for the following:

“Drive the execution and delivery of Samsung’s upcoming AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant on the Galaxy S8."

Overtime, this virtual assistant is also expected to make its way to other Samsung-branded products such as tablets and Smart TVs and it will deliver its own dedicated functions according to the product the consumer purchases. However, since smartphones is the primary bread and butter of the company, it is not surprising that the assistant will find its way to the Galaxy S8 first.