Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors – Screen Enters Production

After all the bogus reports, shady tips and jawdropping concept images, Samsung's Upcoming flagship phone has its display unit enter production. According to reports from Korean news sites, the 5.25 " panel of the Galaxy S5 has begun to be mass-produced.

Samsung Galaxy S5 2K Resolution Display Enters Mass Production

The 5.25 inch display is just a minor .25 or a quarter inch bigger than it's predecessor, the Galaxy S4. The resolution however is a different story. 1920 multiplied by 1080 is 2 Megapixels approximate while 2560 multiplies by 1440 yields 3.68 Megapixels. This is a huge jump, nearly double amount of pixels have been fit into a screen of 5.25 inches.

Galaxy S5 concept, and No it wont be curved!

A 560 ppi vs 441 of the Galaxy S4, both of these values are far above the "Retina" standard of Apple. As with the Galaxy S4 you can expect many variants of the Galaxy S5, some may sport a Full HD display while some will have a Quad HD(2K) display. With this bump in the number of pixels, the processing needs also increase exponentially. Samsung will take care of this via the new 64 bit Exynos processor.

You can also expect some Galaxy S5 variants to utilize the Snapdragon 800 or better yet, the Snapdragon 805. Among other specifications the S5 may house 3GB or more Ram, a 3500 mAh + battery and possibly a 16 Mp camera. There have been reports that the Galaxy S5 will use some metal for it's body, but this is very improbable. Another intriguing thing is whether the screen will be an AMOLED or a PLS.

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Stay tuned for more.

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