Samsung Galaxy S21 Camera Specs Come Forth – Penta-Lens Setup, 150MP Main Sensor Rumored

Samsung Galaxy S21 Camera Specs Come Forth - Penta-Lens Setup, 150MP Main Sensor Rumored

The Galaxy S20 Ultra was supposed to offer a promising camera array but it looks like the Exynos 990 variant suffering from autofocus issues sure did a number on the flagship’s reputation. Samsung aims to rectify that notion by improving the Galaxy S21 camera and if you read about the latest specifications, they look promising, at least on paper.

Samsung Could Add a Macro Unit on the Galaxy S21 Too, With Laser Autofocus Seemingly Getting Dropped

One of the changes rumored to arrive for the Galaxy S21 camera is dropping laser autofocus. Aside from that, Samsung could be using a 150MP main sensor as part of its configuration. That’s an increase from the 108MP unit used on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, with the Korean giant seemingly launching the new sensor in Q4 2020. From a timeline point of view, this will mean the Galaxy S21 camera setup isn’t going to Samsung’s first to sport a 250MP main sensor.

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Complementing the rumored 150MP camera is a 64MP telephoto unit, followed by a 16MP ultrawide angle sensor. The specification details haven’t provided any insight on the maximum zoom level of the 64MP sensor, and that is something we’ll find out in the coming months. Also being added to the Galaxy S21 is a 12MP macro sensor and one ToF camera. The addition of a ToF unit is rather strange because it’s rumored that this sensor won’t be arriving for the Galaxy Note 20.

It’s also not confirmed which Galaxy S21 model will get this camera array but if we were making a bet, it would be the Galaxy S21 Ultra, assuming that’s what Samsung wants to call it during the company’s official announcement. Also, since we’re talking about rumors, the front side could also see an upgrade. The front camera is apparently getting OIS support, along with a bigger sensor to allow more light to pass through.

However, do keep in mind that this is all just speculation at this point, and it’s recommended to treat these Galaxy S21 camera details with a pinch of salt for now. Like always, the frequency of these leaks and rumors should increase in the coming months, and we’ll have all the details for you in the future, so stay tuned.

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