Samsung No Longer Selling Galaxy S20 Series; All Three Models Listed as Being ‘Out of Stock’

Samsung No Longer Selling Galaxy S20 Series; All Three Models Listed as Being ‘Out of Stock’

It was only a matter of time that we’d raise the question if Samsung would continue selling the Galaxy S20 series after officially unveiling the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It looks like not selling them is in the company’s best interest, as the newest lineup is not only cheaper but better in every way. This decision isn’t going to sit too well with customers wanting to pick up a Galaxy S20 model for cheap, though.

Samsung Continues to Sell the Galaxy S20 FE on Its Official U.S. Website - Every Other Model From That Series Is Listed as ‘Out of Stock’

If you visit Samsung’s U.S. website right now, you’ll notice that out of four models, three of them are listed as ‘out of stock.’ Only the Galaxy S20 FE is available, and for a good reason. Competitively, it’s one of the best devices Samsung has on offer; it touts powerful specifications and even sports a 120Hz display. Overall, the package is easy on your wallet, giving Samsung enough motivation from a business standpoint to continue selling it.

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It’s not confirmed if the company will keep it in stock once the Galaxy S21 FE releases later in the year or if Samsung will reduce its pricing in the future. What we know is that Samsung’s high-end smartphone lineup has been streamlined now. You have the Galaxy S20 FE, which is available for $624.99, followed by the Galaxy S21 at $799.99, the Galaxy S21 Plus at $999.99, and lastly, the Galaxy S21 Ultra at $1,199.99.

Even if Samsung no longer sells any Galaxy S20 model save for the Galaxy S20 FE, interested customers can still find brand new options available on places like Amazon. However, we’d advise against such a purchase because even with hefty price cuts, no Galaxy S20 model offers the same value as the Galaxy S21. Samsung introduced the new series with a $200 price difference, so it immediately makes all Galaxy S20 models non-competitive.

If you’re still interested in nabbing yourself an excellent deal, we recommend waiting a couple of months as the Galaxy S21 models will start getting discounted then. Do you think Samsung made the right move discontinuing the Galaxy S20 series? Tell us down in the comments.

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