Samsung Teases a New ‘Cutting Edge’ Exynos SoC Launch for Tomorrow

Omar Sohail
Exynos SoC Teaser for Tomorrow’s Launch Could Showcase Samsung’s Custom GPU

The Samsung Tech Day 2019 will be held tomorrow in San Jose, California. The South Korean giant has hinted that the event will revolve around AI, 5G, and Big Data amongst other things. It also seems that the company will unveil a new Exynos SoC and judging from Samsung’s latest teaser, nearly everyone should be excited for tomorrow.

Could Samsung’s New Exynos Feature a Custom GPU From the Korean Manufacturer?

Samsung Exynos, the official Twitter account of the company has teased a new SoC. Thus, we can only assume that an announcement is planned for tomorrow. The short video clip uploaded doesn’t really betray any details but the silicon will apparently be heavily focused on artificial intelligence. Since the manufacturer unveiled its latest flagship chipset, the Exynos 9825, in August, the announcement most likely doesn’t pertain to the rumored Exynos 9830, or it is?

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An insider had claimed in August that Samsung is readying the Exynos 9610. This chipset and its various versions with different clock speeds will power mid-rangers like the Galaxy A50. The follow-up chipset will apparently be called the Exynos 9630. This report claimed that the SoC will arrive next year and it could be that Samsung will announce it tomorrow but phones underpinned by it wouldn’t ship until 2020.

Like its predecessor, the Exynos 9630 will supposedly be a mid-tier chipset and it will power the upcoming A-series handsets like the rumored Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. While we’ll continue to talk about Samsung’s cheaper offerings at another time, a lot of you will be interested in a possible custom GPU solution from Samsung. Bear in mind that not long ago, both AMD and Samsung announced a partnership where Intel’s closest competitor in the processor space would aim to bring graphics technology to smartphones.

While some reports claim that the first iteration of Exynos chipsets featuring custom AMD GPUs may not arrive until 2021, Samsung has previously been rumored to produce an in-house solution, followed by a gaming smartphone rumor that could run the company’s custom GPU. A separate rumor claims that Samsung has apparently designed a new GPU architecture and it could be used in both mobile phones and supercomputers. With so many rumors converging at a single topic, we’ll definitely keep our ear to the ground.

Could all of Samsung’s efforts be seen tomorrow in the form of a brand new and high-performing Exynos silicon? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (Samsung Exynos)

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