Samsung Gaming Smartphone Rumor Once Again Sprouts – Might Feature Its Custom-Made GPU

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This is only the second time that Samsung has been rumored to be working on a gaming smartphone. The trend was created by Razer, with Xiaomi following suit, and it looks like other manufacturers have started to appreciate the idea. The gaming smartphone from Samsung will obviously come with top-notch hardware specifications, but according to the new rumor, the possibility of the Korean giant forming its custom GPU is not being ruled out. A custom silicon always goes a long way in upping the smartphone’s performance and with the new rumor, it suggests this is what Samsung might be going for.

Samsung Has Reportedly Been Testing the Waters of Custom GPUs With Its Mid-Range Smartphone Lineup

A lot of people who keep a close watch at the industry know that Samsung incorporates its Exynos brand of chipsets in its smartphone lineup. However, the Korean giant was reportedly developing custom GPUs for its mid-range handset range, most likely as a test run for when the company wants to launch a powerful device down the road. The Exynos 9820 was expected to be the first high-end chipset to feature a custom GPU, but it looks like Samsung is going to stick with ARM for now.

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The gaming smartphone from the manufacturer will obviously feature ‘top of the line’ hardware specifications, but we’re still wondering which display technology Samsung will use. Sure, it continues to incorporate its Super AMOLED screen technology in a majority of its devices, but these gaming devices are expected to feature high refresh rate screens.

If Samsung does manage to use an OLED panel on a gaming smartphone with a 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate, that will push the price of these devices to a whole new bracket. However, the tech giant could save on these costs by adopting an older smartphone design; something like the Razer Phone 2. This newly launched flagship does not feature taller screen or minimized bezels.

However, it sports the best speakers ever found on a smartphone, and that is something Samsung can explore. There is no projected announcement date for the gaming device, so we’ll continue to provide you updates when we can. Are you looking forward to a gaming smartphone from the Korean behemoth? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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