Samsung Working to Bring ARM Chips Based on the Upcoming Exynos 1000 to Windows PCs


A while back, Samsung was rumored to be working on the Exynos 1000, and it’s expected to be made using the company’s advanced 5nm architecture. Though the Exynos 1000 might have been originally developed for use in the upcoming Galaxy S21 series, a tipster believes Samsung might also use them in its upcoming Windows PCs.

Samsung’s Push to Develop ARM Chips for Windows PCs Might Compel Qualcomm and Huawei to Churn Out Solid Competitors

Another tweet from MauriQHD talks about the possibility of ARM chips based on the Exynos 1000 arriving for Windows computers, or more specifically, Samsung’s own range of notebooks. It looks like Apple’s work on its custom ARM silicon might have forced other companies to do the same, just like Apple’s former Mac chief said it would need to happen.

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The tipster says that it hasn’t been decided what the new SoC will be called, but one thing is for sure. Development of this Exynos 1000 might push Qualcomm to quickly make a successor of the Snapdragon 8cx, which is around two years old now and still in use in modern machines, but as you can see, notebook manufacturers don’t have much of a choice as far as ARM chips for Windows PCs are concerned.

Unfortunately, according to the latest report, Samsung is facing difficulty in developing a favorable yield of its 5nm chips, so the Exynos 1000 could be delayed at this point, meaning that the future release of Windows PCs featuring the Korean giant’s custom silicon might arrive much later in 2021.

Though the company has received a lot of flak for the poor performance and efficiency of the Exynos 990, there does seem to be some promise for the company’s upcoming high-end Exynos silicon. According to a leaked benchmark, an unnamed Exynos chipset comprehensively beat the Snapdragon 865 in a series of tests, showing that whatever Samsung is working on, its silicon competitors should be prepared in the future.

Of course, one should treat this rumor with a pinch of salt because the company hasn’t teased such an announcement, but we’ll keep you in the loop when more updates come our way.

News Source: Twitter (MauriQHD)