Samsung Deserves an Applause for the Best Feature in OnePlus 9 Pro and Oppo Find X3 Pro

Furqan Shahid
Samsung Deserves an Applause for the Best Feature in OnePlus 9 Pro and Oppo Find X3 Pro

The flagship race is officially on, and we have been seeing some great smartphones coming from Samsung, Oppo, and OnePlus. While the Galaxy S21 Ultra remains to be my favorite smartphone so far, I have to hand it to Oppo Find X3 Pro and OnePlus 9 Pro for coming close.

While the phones are inherently different, there is one thing that is common in all three of the phones, and that is the screen. All thanks to Samsung, all three phones are equipped with an LTPO AMOLED panel that Samsung provides, and while OnePlus didn't reveal this information, Oppo was kind enough to give credit where credit was due.

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The LTPO AMOLED Screen by Samsung Could Be the Reason for Oppo and OnePlus' Success

Both the OnePlus 9 Pro and Oppo Find X3 Pro ship with 120Hz LTPO panels provided by Samsung Display. What this means that these panels can go as low as 1Hz to save power and back up to 120Hz whenever the situation calls for it. Not just that, you are also looking at HDR10+ capabilities, adaptive refresh rate, QHD+ resolution, 1300 nits of brightness, and more.

Samsung Display confirmed yesterday that the panel had been supplied to both phones, and Oppo even backed that statement and talked about how Samsung's LTPO AMOLED panel has allowed the company to reduce the Oppo Find's power consumption X3 by a massive 46%.

Meanwhile, Samsung Display is also talking about supplying more global smartphone manufacturers with the OLED technology moving forward. We already know that they could be developing the LTPO panels going in the iPhone 13 series that will be launching this year.

With that said, it is nice to see that Samsung Display has sorted this out, the display on all three of the aforementioned phones is one of the best that we have tested, and we are excited to see how Samsung moves forward with even better display tech.

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