Samsung claims a ‘Massive’ Graphene Wafer breakthrough – Begins Prototype production of gFETs that could Blow Away competition

Graphene is slated as the major breakthrough of this century. Infact it could very well propel the semiconductor a couple of decades easily (compared to the performance trend via Moore's law ). Graphene transistors are more than capable of being clocked at 500Ghz so you get the idea of what Samsung is claiming to have achieved: a replicateable production process of Graphene nodes.

Intel Graphene TransistorsGraphene.

Experimental gFET Graphene Production - Scientific breakthrough of this century to be used in CPUs* of wearable devices

OK, I admit, I was being slightly sarcastic when I wrote the headline. It seems sort of ironic that if Samsung's claims turn out to be true then the first Graphene processors will be in future wearable devices instead of lets say, desktop computers. Of course, Samsung can be forgiven for saying this considering its a primarily mobile company after all, but it still stings to a PC Enthusiast like me. Graphene, aka the miracle material of the century, to be used in future smart watches; seems like an extract from Douglas Adam's Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Anyways, enough of my rant. On with the specifics.

This breakthrough was claimed at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea. Basically they used a common silicon wafer with Germanium substrate to manufacture a mono layer mono crystal Graphene impression on top of it and then remove the silicon wafer (and germanium) from below. The silicon wafer can then be reused which is pretty great. Also since the Graphene is removed from the germanium using a completely dry process the Graphene is completely wrinkle free which basically means that the construction of the crystal is completely clean and low in defects. Since both the germanium substrate and silicon wafer can now be reused ( in previously known production processes the germanium substrate had to be burned off) it will exponentially increase, mass production capabilities. Samsung has started production of Graphene Field Effect Transistors (gFET)

* by CPUs I mean SoCs, but that didn't sound so poetic up there.


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