Samsung’s 2019 5G Unit Shipments Are Nothing But A Drop In The Bucket

Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center in San Jose, California

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Korean tech giant Samsung became one of the first high-end smartphone manufacturers last year to introduce 5G smartphones. Samsung's home country saw 5G networks being launched by its three national carriers in select locations in December 2018, and the company was eager to ensure that early 5G adopters would choose its devices to use and connect to the next-generation wireless network. Now, Samsung's out with sales figures of its 5G handsets, and the figures give us a baseline of what to expect from the technology, so take a look below for more details.

Samsung Ships 6.7 Million+ 5G Smartphones In 2019 Marking For More Than Half of Global Shipments

As we enter 2020, data from companies around the globe for the previous year is starting to make rounds. As December came to an end, sales figures from Chinese telecommunications equipment and smartphone manufacturer Huawei showed just how much of an impact the United States' decision to blacklist the company made on Huawei's bottom line. In a message to employees, Huawei's management forecasted for difficult times ahead and claimed that the company hoped to earn $121 billion in revenues for 2019. This would mark an 18% year-over-year growth for the company that saw its net sales grow by 19.5% in the previous calendar year.

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Now, in a press release, Samsung Electronics has released sales figures for its 5G handsets. Samsung currently has five smartphones capable of supporting 5G networks in its portfolio. These are the Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy Note 10 5G, Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, Galaxy A50 5G and Galaxy Fold 5G. Samsung's data shows that the company shipped more than 6.7 million 5G smartphones last year, and the company cites data by Counterpoint Research to show that this figure marks for 54% of the overall 5G smartphone market in 2019.;

5G Smartphone Shipments for 2020 Predicted to Reach 300 Million Strong

Samsung's data covers the eleven months covering the days between January's start and November's end. In its press release, the company also confirmed that the Galaxy Tab S6 will feature 5G, with Samsung not leaving the opportunity to boast that the tablet will be the first device in its form factor with 5G connectivity. Samsung's figures for 2019 are but a drop in the bucket if we consider San Diego chip giant Qualcomm's 5G handset shipment estimates for 2020 based on supply chain estimates stand between 175 million - 225 million.

Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) expects this figure to exceed 750 million units in 2022, with the company's forecast based on the 5G boom in China and the technology making its way to middle-tier gadgets. To that end, the company launched its Snapdragon 735 last year as a mid-range chipset with 5G. Based on Qualcomm's announcements at its analyst day in November, we can confidently state that the company will also introduce 5G connectivity to the Snapdragon 6 series later this year as well; a fact that the company also mentions on its product page for the Snapdragon 7 series.

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