Ryzen DRAM Calculator Tool Author Not Receiving Ryzen 9 3950X or sTRX Samples

Keith May

The sampling of parts from companies for reviews and community efforts is always an interesting one to watch. Sometimes you see tons of samples for products shoot to all ends of the earth like with the original Ryzen launch, then you see those like the upcoming Ryzen 9 3950X and the Ryzen Threadripper 3000 Series where the sampling seems to be light at best. One of those left out of the cycle appears to be Yuri, or better known to the community as '1USMUS'. If that name sounds familiar to you Ryzen tweakers it wouldn't be surprising to me as he's the author of the well-received Ryzen DRAM Calculator Tool that has been helping end users tweak their Ryzen platform to extract a marked amount more performance. He has recently been working to improve the boost performance by creating his own power plan.  But, according to his twitter feed, he has informed his followers that he was not sampled the latest rounds of AMD parts and therefore would not be able to add these parts to the DRAM Calculator for the community.

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For those who would look at this and think this is just some guy complaining that he isn't getting free stuff, it's not. Regardless of your feeling about the situation, the responses from various tech outlets are pretty consistent with surprise that he wasn't sampled. Charlie from SemiAccurate expressed that he also was not sampled, and it seems quite a bit of people haven't been either. In a recent interview with PCWorld AMD's Robert Hallock answered a question regarding their awareness of Yuri to which he replied fairly favorable to the DRAM Tool, we've linked it for those who wish to check that response out.

Even Linus Tech Tips joined in the Twitter replies offering to send him a retail chip once they become available in case AMD "doesn't get its head screwed on straight". I know something like this could be easy to grab onto as something wild and crazy, but the reality could be as simple as there just may not be a whole lot of these parts to go around. Availability was something that Robert was questioned on in the interview but was unable to comment on as that isn't an area that he's related to which makes sense. But, if the availability of the Ryzen 9 3900X has been anything to go off of the stock of AMD's record-setting small socket marvel the Ryzen 9 3950X may not be that easy to get a hold of. We're only a couple of weeks away from not only the Ryzen 9 3950X and the Threadripper 3960X & 3970X and I for one have never gotten as many messages from as many people in the review scene trying to find out if anyone has gotten samples or word of when they might yet. Time to gear up for an explosive launch cycle come the end of November.

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