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Rumor: Street Fighter V Arcade Mode and More Coming Soon


When Street Fighter V debuted, many criticized the title's absence of an Arcade mode. That said, new rumors suggest that Capcom is close to changing this, since the expected Street Fighter V arcade mode could finally be on the way.

One DataMiner known as X-Kira discovered a file of Street Fighter V Arcade mode. The data-miner ensures that you will be able to activate this content within the game, but for the moment there is no evidence that this is for real.

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Also, the findings of X-Kira point to new outfits for M. Bison, Karin, Ibuki, and Guile. In addition, it seems that there are two new scenarios on the way (one could be for Ibuki) as well as a bonus round based on Abigail.

Although in the past X-Kira has found correct content information for Street Fighter V, there is always the possibility that none of the above will become a reality. So, taking into account that Capcom has not made any comment about it yet, it is best to take this news for what it is: a rumor.

What is a fact is that a few days ago new sports outfits came for characters like Laura, Ibuki, and Rashid. Also, the owners of Street Fighter V can now download Abigail, a huge fighter we met in Final Fight.

In the character presentation video, Matt Edwards, manager of the Capcom community, explains that Abigail will be the biggest character in Street Fighter V at a height of approximately 2.4 meters (next to him Zangief looks small). He also mentions that he is a big fan of cars, a fact that explains why he has tires in his arms. In the video, Edwards says that he is a very versatile character.

Abigail will be available in Street Fighter V and will be part of the Character Pass ($29.99 USD) of the second season, but he can also be purchased with Fight Money. The fighter will be accompanied by a new scenario based on Final Fight.

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Street Fighter V is available for PlayStation 4 and PC.