Street Fighter V Overtakes Street Fighter II as Capcom’s Best-Selling Fighting Game

Street Fighter V

It's a tale that began with a mediocre release. Street Fighter V began its life as a polarizing title that became the target of extreme criticism and bad faith from fighting game fans. This was because of its lack of content on release and the removal of various options from Street Fighter IV that left the community with a very sour taste.

Fast forward to June 30, 2022, after a tumultuous lifetime and various re-releases, Capcom has finally managed to turn things around. According to the updated Platinum Titles list, Street Fighter V is now sitting at 6.6 million copies sold after six and a half years on the market. This essentially makes it the 8th best-selling game in the company's rankings overall. The games that have surpassed it thus far are games like Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Resident Evil 7.

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The number of total sales that Street Fighter V has beats the numbers that Street Fighter II on the SNES had. This title, in particular, was able to amass a record of 6.3 million units, a sales record that was held for 30 years. Believe it or not, SFV was able to sell 400,000 more units over the course of the second quarter of the year. For a game that's over six years old at this point, that's impressive.

EventHubs does point out a very important fact. Said fact is that this number of units sold only counts what Capcom shows for individual releases. Street Fighter as a series is known for having multiple iterations of the same game. As such, when you group up the total sales, that 6.6 million unit pales in comparison to Street Fighter II's 15+ million units sold across all its iterations and Street Fighter IV's 9 million units sold across all its versions.

Still, this can be a positive outlook on the future for the upcoming Street Fighter 6. After all, it seems like Capcom is taking the lessons they learned throughout the life cycle of SFV to heart and will use them to make a game that will be a golden child for the FGC. We'll have to see how things go once the game releases in 2023 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and PC.

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