Rumor: 1366 will be replaced with new socket by 2011?

There is now a rumor floating around that the ever so popular 1366 socket which is the socket for current generation high end i7 processor and the upcoming i9 processors will be replaced with the completely new chipset "X68" which is hinted to have Quad Channel DD3 memory, More PCI-E lanes which might include a PCI-E 3.0 slot, compared to the X58 chipset which offers tri channel memory and 4 PCI-E slots on very limited number of boards.

And in case you were wondering, your 1366 socket processor will not be compatible with the X68 chipset this much has been re assured. so you can't migrate that $1,000~ i7 975 to your new X68 mother board.

The Socket Pin Count is still a mystery, but it is rumored that the first processor coming to the new chipset will be an 8 core 16 threaded monster, which was recently shown in the new Intel XEON X7560 based on the sandy-bridge processor architecture

Source: Bit-tech

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