RPCS3 Update Fixed Graphical Issues in Metal Gear Solid 4 and Many Other AAA Games


A new RPCS3 update now allows the PlayStation 3 emulator to properly render lighting and shading in a plethora of triple-A games, such as Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for instance. Check out the video demonstration below.

In June kd-11 finished working on two change-sets which fixed graphical issues across multiple AAA titles such as MGS4, the Ratchet & Clank Future games, Resistance 1 & 2, all the inFamous games... and a whole lot more. This even fixed Metal Gear Solid 4's shadows which previously regressed.

RPCS3 has improved majorly over the years, allowing users to play games such as Demon's Souls and Metal Gear Solid 4 at higher than the original 30FPS frame rate, mostly thanks to the support of 834 Patrons. Here's the official roadmap of what the developers are planning to add or improve in the future.

RPCS3 Latest Updates Bring Major Performance Improvements for Metal Gear Solid 4, Red Dead Redemption and Persona 5

Short Term RPCS3 Goals

  • Improve SPU/PPU LLVM recompiler compatibility, add more optimizations. (Nekotekina)
  • Implement parametrized PPU/SPU Interpreters reusing current LLVM IR generator, remove original hard-coded interpreters and make LLVM mandatory. Add options regulating its accuracy detached from the base choice of the Interpreter or the Recompiler. (Nekotekina)
  • Fix any remaining RSX regressions.
  • Improve the GPU-side program decompiler/interpreter. (kd-11)
  • Rework RSX <-> Cell synchronization framework to be more cohesive. (kd-11)

Medium Term RPCS3 Goals

  • Improve SPU instruction accuracy for Fast Interpreter and ASMJIT, investigate vectorized software FP implementation.
  • Improve audio and video decoders for better speed and compatibility.
  • Improve controller support. This includes emulated controllers (with mouse or keyboard) and real controllers as well.
  • Improve solution structure, move and rename some files.
  • Implement missing syscalls. Allow to LLE more system modules.
  • Write automatic tests to minimize bugs.
  • Implement config tristate in GUI for per-game configurations.
  • Improvements to the shader generation and cache system
  • Remove obstacles for ASLR support. (Nekotekina)
  • Rewrite signal handlers to improve reliability and support exceptions. (Nekotekina)

Long Term Goals

  • Support booting from original game discs.
  • Implement user manager.
  • Support mic, camera, USB peripherals, etc.
  • Implement network functionality.
  • Implement every system module in the emulator. This will allow RPCS3 to work without the PS3 firmware.