RPCS3 Is Now Capable of at Least Booting Every Known PS3 Game and Application


The PlayStation 3 emulator RPCS3 is now capable of at the very least booting every known PlayStation 3 game and application.

The development confirmed on the emulator's official Twitter profile that RPCS3 now has a total of zero games in the Nothing status, meaning not only that the emulator is capable of at least booting every game and application, but also that no game has regressed to unbootable state over the course of the past few months. The team is now aiming to empty the Loadable status as well.

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The RPCS3 development team has been making great progress in the past few months, not only improving emulation as a whole but also adding new features such as AMD FSR support.

FSR allows users to have better visuals at a similar level of performance, which is incredible for users with low-end graphics cards that struggled with using Internal Resolution Scaling. The few games which don't work with Internal Resolution Scaling can also utilize FSR without any issues, which is a huge improvement over playing at a native 720p resolution.

Even users with high-end graphics cards will see a lot of usage out of this as games which have a high RSX (PS3 GPU) load can lower frame-rates when scaling up to 4k. With FSR, you can use an internal Resolution Scaling value of 1440p, and then upscale to 4K with FSR. Visuals still look amazing, and frame rates will be higher.

The RPCS3 emulator can be downloaded from its official website.

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