Rockstar PS2 Classics Jump to PlayStation 4



A couple of Rockstar's biggest PlayStation 2 classics have made the jump to PlayStation 4, complete with ever so slightly improved visuals and trophy support.

Bully - Canis Canem Edit for those of us in Europe - and Manhunt are available now on the PlayStation Store in EU territories.

They're exactly as you remember them, without any of the fancy additions or improvements that might have been available in later versions of each game.

Rebuyers will be happy to know that they both run at 1080p and both have a platinum for you to work towards, although it must be said that some of us are still slaving away at Grand Theft Auto 3.

It's safe to assume that America isn't going to be left out on this one, and that both titles will be appearing very, very soon in the land of Trump.

Both games are priced at £11.99 or €14.99, about what is to be expected from Rockstar re-releases at this point.

Bully lets you relive your school days, complete with awkward kissing, massive amounts of bullying and repetitive lessons.

Manhunt is a stealth-based psychological horror game, most memorable for the incredible amounts of controversy it generated. Of course, it's probably like playing a Tom and Jerry spin-off at this point.