Razer Mamba Review – The Perfect Wireless Mouse?


Battery Life, Software and Conclusion

Battery Life

Now for the other issue, the battery. So far in pure office work it's lasted more than 28 hours at a stretch. With gaming thrown into the mix I can have it last around 24 total hours. Charging is easy to remember with the dock, just plop it on there when you're not using it. Also you can switch over to wired at any point, even having data travel over the USB cable. The batter is great so far and I expect it to remain so until the battery naturally wears out.


Changing the Chroma lighting, adjusting DPI, assigning macros and assigning functions to the buttons is done through Razer Synapse. Despite needing to have a profile for cloud storage of settings, it's actually a well-designed piece of software. It's intuitive and easy to use for assigning almost anything to any button on your mouse. Plus it of course lets you adjust DPI in 1DPI increments for this mouse. It interfaces immediately and can even register it very quickly should you need warranty work done.

I understand the complaints people have with Synapse, but I still can't help but think that it's a good piece of software. It rivals that of Corsairs and Steelseries' solutions in easy of use and how lightweight it is in the background. No issues were encountered in Windows 10.


Razer has created a very fine mouse with the new Mamba. The customization of the mouse buttons is a tremendous innovation, one that I initially thought would be silly and almost pointless. But I found myself actually using the feature, and enjoying the results.

Build quality is top-notch, and after two-weeks it's held up remarkable well. I engage in "gaming-fitness" where I workout between deaths during a casual round of CSGO or BF4, and even with an increase in sweat coming in contact with it, the finish is near perfect and it's in perfect condition. I'm still concerned about the durability of the buttons, but so far there's no reason to think that they won't hold up based on current experience with it. Whether you've had quality problems with Razer in the past, this seems to be an example of the direction they're headed into, with much better QC processes in place.

So, them, is the Razer Mamba worth the price of entry? $149.99 is a steep price to ask for, and one that I wouldn't recommend for just anyone. The price is, however, representative of the quality you get, something that might be a point of contention among those more jaded of historical Razer owners. It fills a niche that might not be you, but it is nearly the best wireless gaming mouse that exists. It's comfortable, has understated good-looks and one of the best laser sensors to ever exist. This isn't the Avago 9800 that's in the majority of laser mice that seems to have a bad reputation.

Yes, I'd recommend it if you want to de-clutter your space and have a real wireless gaming experience. The price is high, but the actual product is good, if not great. Just remember that the perfect mouse for you is different for the one for me and everyone else. But this checks a lot of the positives and hardly any negatives. I'd say it's worth a try if you're in the market for a great wireless gaming mouse.


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