Returnal PC Version Seemingly Confirmed by Housemarque Tech Presentation


Is Returnal on its way to PC? Various hints, including a Steam database listing and the word of Digital Foundry’s Alexander Battaglia have pointed toward it happening soon, but now we seemingly have more conclusive evidence.

Game Developers Conference recently posted a video of Housemarque’s Risto Jankkila and Sharman Jagadeesan discussing the game’s VFX, which is interesting stuff if you’re into the behind-the-scenes details of game development. That said, if you’re just interested in proof of a PC port, jump to around 13:30, at which point debug info pops up, including “Output: SDR (PC)”. You can check it out for yourself, below.

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So yes, a PC version of Returnal does indeed exist. In fact, it’s seemingly existed for months, as Housemarque’s GDC talk was originally recorded in March. Add this to Digital Foundry’s claims that they’ve seen it in action, and a PC port seems like pretty much a lock. So, when is Sony actually going to announce the PC version of Returnal? A major PlayStation Showcase is rumored for this month, although that hasn’t been confirmed either. Until then, we’ll just have to play the waiting game.

Haven’t got around to playing Returnal yet? Wccftech’s Kai Powell found it to be a more-than-worthy action roguelike in his full review

"Returnal checks all of the marks for what a best-in-class roguelike should aim for -- a gameplay loop that rewards the player for innovation and mastery, loot that can synergize to create some unstoppable character builds, and most importantly, weapons that simply feel right in the player's hands. […] Barring a sci-fi horror tale that doesn't quite nail the slow building reveal, Housemarque has absolutely succeeded with their fusion of third-person shooting and roguelike elements."

Returnal is currently available on PS5. Will you be picking up the game when it arrives on PC?

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