Resident Evil Village PlayStation 5 File Size, Pre-Load Date Revealed


Resident Evil Village on PlayStation 5 will have a file size slightly smaller than the Xbox Series X version.

As reported by PlayStation Game Size, the eighth main entry in the Capcom series will be 27.325 GB big on the Sony current generation console. The download likely doesn't include the Re:Verse multiplayer mode, which is around 15 GB big on Xbox Series S. Pre-load for the game will begin on May 5th, two days ahead of release.

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PlayStation 5 owners can currently get a taste of the Resident Evil Village experience with the Maiden playable demo. In his preview, Nate highlighted how Capcom is reaching out to an older era of horror, with more subtle tension.

While only a very small slice of the larger game, the Resident Evil Village “Maiden” demo hints we may be in for a game that focuses more on subtle, slow-burn tension than recent entries in the series. Capcom also seems to be reaching back to an older era of horror for inspiration. To the lavish and slightly campy Hammer and European horror films of the 60s and 70s perhaps. That said, don’t worry, we’ll also be getting plenty of traditional RE action as well – recent trailers have made that clear. Whether Resident Evil Village’s new tone and setting will be for everyone remains to be seen, but given the run Capcom has been on since RE7, they’ve earned my trust and terror.

Resident Evil Village launches on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One on May 7th.