Resident Evil 8 Test Demo Details Leak; Game Is Heavily Inspired By RE4 and RE3.5 – Rumor


Some new details on the rumored Resident Evil 8 test demo have leaked online, revealing more on how the next entry in the series will play.

Rely on Horror posted a few hours ago a new report detailing some Resident Evil 8 leaks. Most of the details that are described in the report have already been revealed yesterday, but there are some new details on how the test demo plays.

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The “Wolf-like creatures” reported in earlier leaks have been described as something akin to beast-men, and they attack with massive claws. There is an escape sequence, where some versions of the demo you don’t have access to a weapon and are forced to either just book it for safety or try to sneak your way around them (similar to Revelations 2) — and other you have a pistol, but it’s completely ineffective against these creatures and you’re similarly forced to run or hide.

You eventually stumble upon a shotgun and are able to barricade a door to slow down your attackers. The shotgun is way more effective than the handgun however the beast-men were very bullet-spongey. In some versions of the demo a bell rings and the beast-men disappear, while others they are called off by something/someone unseen.

The report highlights how Resident Evil 8 is heavily inspired by Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 3.5. The game has a big focus on the supernatural, and this will be the main departure from the rest of the series that other insiders have talked about. The report also confirms that there are two different versions of the test demo.

Some versions of the demo appear to have you escape to a castle, while others have you meet up with a group of normal, human villagers and talk your way into their refuge to hide out from the monsters. One of the villagers inside begins to hallucinate, and eventually lashes out and begins to butcher the other villagers. You manage to escape with one of the other villagers, a woman who helped you into the house, as the hallucinating villager sets it ablaze. The demo ends here.

Resident Evil 8 has yet to be announced officially. We will keep you updated on the game as soon as more come in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.