Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets Brand New AI-Enhanced Weapon Texture Pack


A new Red Dead Redemption 2 AI-enhanced texture pack has been shared online, introducing improved textures for all guns in the base game.

The Weapon Texture Upscale Pack introduces textures that have been upscaled by a factor of 4 or more. Needless to say, the new textures are much better than the vanilla ones, resulting in a much better experience in first-person gunning mode.

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The vanilla guns looked a bit harsh especially with those horrible 256x256 handle textures and I gun mostly in first person so I notice it too much! Textures and stylings have been upscaled by a factor of 4 or more using various algorithms. Some of the surfaces have suffered some detail loss so it's a matter of taste if you prefer these ones over the vanilla. I am working on a fix but it remains to be seen.

DLC guns, melee weapons, and throwables are planned next.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One worldwide. Learn more about the open-world game developed by Rockstar Games by checking out Alessio's review of the Xbox One X version.

Red Dead Redemption 2 may not be perfect, but its minor shortcomings are like tiny blemishes on a stunningly beautiful face. In a way, they only serve as a reminder of how this world isn't made for perfection. Every single aspect of the game will put you into the very shoes of an outlaw roaming America with his gang as they try to escape the law long enough to make the money needed to disappear for good. It's an epic, memorable and engrossing tale which also elevates the open world genre to new heights with the brand new interaction system, a cast of unforgettable characters and a ton of high-quality content to play for a long time.

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