Rebellion CEO: Single Player Is Not Dead, I’m Sure They’re Not Throwing Away The SP Market


UK independent studio Rebellion is celebrating its 25th anniversary today and CEO Jason Kingsley was interviewed by Metro GameCentral for the occasion.

It was a lengthy chat, to say the least. Among a wide range of topics, Kingsley also talked about major publishers focusing on the GaaS (Game as a Service) model and subsequently shying away from single player titles.

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According to Rebellion's CEO, there's not really cause to worry they'll step away from them entirely.

I think there are some changes going on in the industry at the top end, and I think all of us – as games players, games consumers, and professionals – we need to look at the direction it’s going in. And we need to give feedback. Because I want my games to be enjoyed, consumed, thought about, replayed… I am little concerned about how the sort of aftermarket loot box-y thing is being perceived by our core audience. A lot of people like them, a lot of people pretend not to like them… but you will know, as a journalist, that what people say and what they do is often different. But I also think games are an important cultural component of our society and I think it’s really important that in the game space that we [at Rebellion] occupy, which is single player narrative-based action with some multiplayer components, I don’t want to see those become purely multiplayer. We want people to go on adventures in our games, to have fun…

Single player is not dead. I think what people are desperately trying to do is work out how to get more money out of people that are willing to give them more money. And I think it’s dominating the news a little bit, but I’m absolutely sure that these people aren’t going to throw away the single player market.

After the critically acclaimed Sniper Elite 4, Rebellion is working on Strange Brigade, a cooperative third-person shooter with a cheeky 1930s horror movie vibe. You can read more about it in Dave's recent hands-on preview.