Ready at Dawn CCO Thinks Scorpio Is “Pretty Cool”, Says The Team Has Lots of Interest in Nintendo’s Switch

Ready at Dawn kind of faded away from the mainstream after the launch of its first true AAA project, the PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1886. They've recently released Deformers, a physics based arena brawler multiplayer game, but they might soon get back into the AAA business.

Speaking with GamesIndustry on a wide range of gaming industry topics, Ready at Dawn CCO Ru Weerasuriya expressed interest in the Nintendo Switch as well as praising hardware refreshes like Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro. He also speculated that there could be a couple more generations before hardware is surpassed and gaming is fully delivered via the cloud.

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Every time a platform comes out, we always feel like there's something really cool that can be done with it - a huge graphical advance, a huge technological advance, a new way of interacting in games like VR does. Switch, I think, is the same kind of thing. We see it and we see the market that they're trying to really kind of grab, expand, and also build. I would definitely tell you that, yeah, internally at the studio there's a lot of interest for the Switch.

I think Scorpio is actually pretty cool. I'm happy to see the shift [in console iterations]... I think that it's interesting to see how the next cycles are going to go, not just Scorpio but the PS4 Pro coming into play. What is Sony going to do next? When are the platforms going to become either almost singular in the way they function or even disappear where everything's going to be on the cloud and you won't need a platform?

It's interesting to see that all those plans are kind of slowly being pursued and you're wondering - I'm actually wondering, at least - where they come together because it seems like there's going to be another cycle. There probably will be two and then you'll be at the point where you don't need hardware. It's just always connected.

It will be interesting to see whether Ready at Dawn will continue their partnership with Gamestop's GameTrust program or not in the future.

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