Razer Upgrades It’s Mice With 4G Dual Sensors; Mamba & Imperator Included

Sabeeh Qureshi

Razer has announced upgrading their current line of Razer mice with upgraded optical & laser sensors. From the Precision 3G sensors, they have, in particular, upgraded the next-gen Razer Mamba and Imperator mice with their 4G Dual Sensor system that offers even more precise tracking than ever before. You get best of both worlds; Laser and optical. This will definitely be welcomed by gamers who tend to do wide swiping motions and low sensitivity FPS gaming. Could it get any better than this? Off-course! After all, this is Razer what we're talking about! 😀

Razer™, the world’s leading high-end precision gaming brand, once again sets the bar for the absolute best in gaming technology with the introduction of their all-new 4G Dual Sensor System.  Taking advantage of both an optical and a laser sensor for enhanced tracking accuracy, this sensor system was built to deliver the next level competitive edge in Razer’s line-up of highly popular professional gaming mice, starting with the newest incarnations of the Razer Mamba and Razer Imperator.

Back in 1998, Razer pioneered the world’s first true gaming mouse and since then has been at the forefront of developing the most cutting-edge sensors, always staying ahead of the competition.  Whilst all other mice in the industry performed at under 500dpi, Razer mice were firing at four times that, at 2000dpi and up.  The tracking precision on any Razer mouse was and still is unrivalled.

Razer is home to the greatest team of dedicated scientists and engineers, one eye ceaselessly trained on the prize to continually produce the greatest technology the world has ever seen or felt.  With that goal in mind, and the validation of the top pro-gamers in the world, Razer is proud to unleash the next generation sensor for exceptional gaming mice performance.

The 4G Dual Sensor System combines the best of both worlds - an optical and a laser sensor, to deliver twice the level of tracking precision.  By allowing calibration of mouse to the surface you’re using, it is primed to optimally track your swipes more rapidly and accurately for the best in-game performance you can actually feel.  It also lets you determine the cutoff height for tracking to stop when the mouse is lifted from the surface.  This is especially important for gamers who pick up their mice to accommodate wide swiping motions, such as low sensitivity FPS gamers.

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