Here’s How You Can Watch the Razer Phone Livestream Event Right Here


The Razer Phone is going to be the first smartphone from the peripherals manufacturer and if you want to catch in on the action, there is a way to do it and that is using the tried and tested livestreaming of the event. We have exclusive pictures of the event that we’d like to share with you concerning the venue and of course the theater so check out our timely coverage in just a few short minutes.

Razer Phone Announcement Gets a Proper Welcome With a Green-Themed Decor

With the official announcement just a few minutes away, here you will get the chance to see the sort of efforts Razer has undertaken in announcing a device that is being marketed as a gaming smartphone. With 8GB of RAM, gaming and multitasking sessions are going to be a breeze.

Potential Razer Phone 3 Prototype Appears on a Chinese Marketplace – Here’s How it Looks

If you want to check out the livestream, click on the video link below and also check out our exclusive images of the event. In case you were wondering, leaks are suggesting that this is going to be the first phone out there with a 120Hz panel out there.

If you didn’t know, having a 120Hz panel means the scrolling part and other aspects of the phone are going to be extremely snappy, and that is just something that you want to see from a gaming smartphone.

The phone’s announcement is going to take place in a while so stay tuned for the latest updates.