Razer Phone 2 Factory Images And Kernels Available For Download


The Razer Phone 2 received Android Pie from Google in February, after the software developer released it in August last year; highlighting delayed update times that all Android users have so suffer from. These, in turn, make the operating system prone to security risks. Now Razer has released the phone's factory images and Kernel for Android 9. This release comes a week before carrier phones will receive Android 9, according to estimates.

Razer's  AOSP Release For The Razer Phone 2 Comes With A Warning: Do Not Use The Company Provided USB-C Cable For Flashing

The one aspect of Android many users love is the ability to customize software according to need. Android appeals to a larger network of users, who can transfer files between their devices with freedom; so while Apple users are limited to their ecosystem, Android users often have a better experience in specific aspects.

Tired of Your iPhone? You Can Easily Switch to Android Now

One such aspect is the ability to flash Custom ROMs on the phone. While not every user can design a ROM complete with features on their own, skins can be downloaded to personally customize an Android to an extent that's impossible with an iPhone.

The Android 9 factory image released by Razer comes with its own set of disclaimers. First and foremost, it will void your warranty. Secondly, the lack of a unifying standard for USB-C cables has forced Razer to remind users that they should not use the company provided USB-C cable for flashing purposes. Leaving the bootloader unlocked will make the device incompatible with apps covered by Google's Safety Net.

Images for the carrier specific and global variants of the device are available. Additionally, you should remember to always back your data up before tinkering around with your smartphone. Android 9 became available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 early this year. This has ensured that when 2018's flagships start getting the update, Google's ready to roll out a new version of its operating system. What this means is that if you buy a Galaxy S10 smartphone right now, you might be stuck with Android for quite some time.

You can download Factory Images for the Razer Phone 2 here, and open source Kernels for the gadget here.