Rainbow Six Extraction After Effect Event Adds New Game Mode

Alessio Palumbo
After Effect

Ubisoft announced the availability of a new Rainbow Six Extraction Crisis Event called After Effect. The fourth Crisis Event to be introduced to the cooperative first-person shooter game, After Effect adds new REACT Tech (the Repulsion Harness), new cosmetic rewards (Universal Headgear, Uniform, Charm, Weapon Skin), the new Protean Finka enemy, and a brand new game mode.

In After Effect, Operators must search for the invaluable Parasite Nucleus, carry it, and wield its power; or escort and protect the carrier against incoming threats – including the Amber Sprawl. The Nucleus' Death Marker is a powerful ability that the carrier can use against enemies and Parasite structures. It will allow their squad mates to instantly obliterate marked enemies through any damage source that hits them afterwards, so players must wield this powerful ability strategically.  

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The Operator carrying the Nucleus will start experiencing blinding exposure, which will impair their vision. The exposure levels increase over time until the carrier drops the Nucleus or reaches 100% exposure level. Their speed and mobility are greatly reduced while holding the Nucleus and they are unable to fend off threats unless they use the new REACT tech, Repulsion Harness, which is the only tool available to them as a carrier. Enemies will primarily target the Nucleus carrier, so squad members must work together to protect them. Players can take turns carrying the Nucleus and work together to secure the route out of the containment zones. 

The new Amber Sprawl, like regular Sprawl, will be present in all sub-maps, slowing down and causing damage to players who walk over it – this dangerous and deadly iteration must be destroyed by players to not hinder their gameplay.  

After Effect is live now on all platforms until November 17th. In related Ubisoft news, the publisher announced that Rainbow Six Siege has surpassed 85 million unique registered players, while Assassin's Creed Valhalla registered over 20 million unique players.

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