QuickPad Kickstarter For Custom Shortcuts On A 6 Inch TouchScreen Device

The QuickPad is a device for those who are tired of remembering keyboard shortcuts and instead would like a customizable device to make workflow quicker and easier. Their goal is to make things simplier.

QuickPad now Available For Backing On Kickstarter

"What if every command is under one key? To make things easier, we went our own way and created a QuickPab - now you can create shortcuts and functions under just one click - everything to make your work more effective. QuickPab is a 6 inch touch screen. You can customize the quantity, size and position of the keys / functions on the QuickPad screen. You can set up your shortcuts and features or you can use ready-made QuickPad keys. When you connect QuickPad to another computer, your settings stay the same. QuickPad works with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux."

Dariusz Dycewicz
QuickPad Founder

By also featuring multiple silicone keyboards, you can adapt the device to suit your needs, wither it be shortcuts to open applications or a photoshop keyboard to adjust the color balance, its all up to the user and is a pretty cool idea.

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They've stated that they have ready made keys for use in the uses below:

  • 3D Design
  • Graphic Apps
  • SAP
  • Movie Editors
  • Social Media
  • Spreadsheets
  • Kid Apps
  • Game pads and many more.

Customize your own tabs for your desires. In QuickPadApp you can change:

  • Quantity, shape, color, size, position of the KEYS, and give them life by adding your function. You can import your own ICONS.
  • Display data from online WIDGETS and apps, such as weather forecasts, currency rates, news, and even notifications from your favorite messengers.

They also point out it can be useful for gaming, though I wouldn't use it on a full gaming PC.

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