Apple’s 10.5 Inch iPad Pro Enters Limited Production; Don’t Expect An Early Launch States Source


Apple's approach with the iPad shifted slightly this year. Cupertino quietly put the white flag up and launched a $330, 9.7 inch iPad last week. Balance sheet numbers for the device continue to disappoint and Apple's desperate to make shipments. However, that doesn't mean the company won't make any changes for the lineup. It's all about larger screens on the iPad, as the device will serve as a notebook/smartphone hybrid. Need a smartphone's portability but low powered notebook productivity? Get an iPad if you're an Apple user. Today, we've got more details for a much rumored, 10.5 inch iPad Pro. Take a look below for more.

Limited Production For Apple's 10.5 Inch iPad Pro Has Commenced Claims IHS Analyst

Industry sentiment for the iPad Pro is mixed. While a lot of folks expect Apple to launch one new device after the other, Cueprtino plays its cards more sensibly. The 10.5 inch iPad Pro will be the lineup's first serious overhaul since the original 12.5 inch device was launched. Apple's rumored to introduce it's new edge to edge design theme on the device as well. This fact has led some to speculate that we won't see an early 2017 launch for the device. The iPhone is Apple's star portfolio performance and Cupertino won't introduce a design shift on its tablet lineup.

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However, MacRumors now reports that limited production for the 10.5 inch iPad Pro has commenced. This suggests that Apple has nearly perfected its overall approach for the device to be confident enough for production. As March ends, sources now expect that the 10.5 inch iPad Pro will launch next month. This doesn't hold water for the reasons mentioned above.

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The focus for 2017 will be on the iPhone for Apple. While the media loves to speculate that a completely overhauled iPhone 8 will launch this year, such a move might place Apple in a rut. A vastly different iPhone 8 from the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will render the devices an obsolete look. It'll introduce unnecessary conflict into the lineup as Apple will divide the iPhone into 'Premium' and 'More Premium'.

Back to the iPad. Limited production for the 10.5 inch model will give Apple a lot of room for testing. The iPad Pro lineup feature great devices that provide an efficient bridge between computing and productivity. Furthermore, an edge to edge display combined with 10nm processors for the 10.5 inch variant will add a lot of new features into the mix. So it's only sensible for Apple to be ahead of time for production and testing. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.