PUBG’s 4×4 Map Gets a New Name, Testing Opens Up for All Players This Week


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds' tropical 4x4 map returns for another round of testing this week with an all-new name. Until now, the map has been saddled with the somewhat clunky title Codename: Savage, but now it has a more succinct name – Sanhok. Here’s PUBG Corp’s explanation for the name:

Our new 4x4 map is inspired by a wide variety of island locales across southeast Asia, particularly those found in Thailand and the Philippines. To reflect that inspiration, we invented a sort of hodgepodge combination of two words:

  • The Thai word for “fun:” สนุก (pronounced like “sah-nook”)
  • The Filipino (Tagalog) word for “chicken:” manok (pronounced like “mah-nok”)

Combine the two and you get Codename: Savage’s new name: Sanhok (pronounced “sah-nok”). It’s grown on us quickly, and we hope all of you come to love it as much as we do!

Given PUBG’s obsession with chicken dinners, it’s about time we got a map named after the noble barnyard fowl! Sanhok is a compact, densely-jungled map designed to compete with Fortnite Battle Royale’s smaller map. Sanhok will eventually include an underground cave system, which should introduce some interesting strategic possibilities.

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The next testing phase for the Sanhok map will be open to all PC PUBG players. Here are the test dates:

Testing Begins:

THURS May 10, 7pm PDT / FRI May 11, 4am CEST

Testing Ends:

MON May 14, 4am PDT / May 14, 1pm CEST

Anybody out there had a chance to try Sanhok yet? Did you the enjoy the closer quarters, or did it feel a bit cramped? Those who haven't got their hands on Sanhok yet, are you excited to give the map a whirl now that its getting an open beta?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is currently available in varying stages of completion on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices. The full launch of the Sanhok map should happen within the next couple months.