PSA for Jailbreak Users: Do Not Update to iOS 10.2, Here’s Why

Uzair Ghani
Yalu iOS 10.2 Jailbreak

A renowned hacker and developer is advising jailbreak users to avoid iOS 10.2 update at all costs. The reason given is pretty interesting.

iOS 10.2 Patches a lot of Bugs That Make a Jailbreak Possible

iOS 10.2 is a pretty modest update in terms of features. But under the hood, it packs lot of changes. Enough changes to ruffle a few feathers in the jailbreak world. This is due to the fact that iOS 10.2 patches a lot of loopholes that allow a jailbreak to happen in the first place.

Hacker Luca Todesco went on Twitter to state that sticking with iOS 10.1.1 is a wiser choice. Apart from this, the developer went on to state that the latest iOS beta is watertight in terms of security and those who don't care about a jailbreak can go ahead with the update.

It is absolutely unknown at this point whether or not we will ever see an iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak in the near future. Even if we do, it's hard to say who will release the necessary tools for it. That's due to the fact there is piercing silence in the jailbreak world. The update regarding its arrival is absolutely unpredictable.

Personally, I will not be holding my breath for a new iOS jailbreak just yet. It's absolutely unclear whether or not it would see the light of day. Furthermore, it's not worth the trouble sitting on an older version of iOS just because a solution 'might' see a release. After all, sticking to older versions of iOS clearly means you are missing out on a lot of new features. This also includes security patches and performance enhancements.

Wrap Up

We are pretty close to the release of iOS 10.2. At the time of writing, we are sitting on the fifth developer release. It's warranted Apple will release the new firmware update some time in December, or maybe early January if the company is feeling to take a few days off.

Regardless, we will inform our readers about the release of iOS 10.2 along with a note whether or not they should update. It's highly likely that we won't hear much on the day of release, but nonetheless, expect some other news as well.

In the meantime, use your iOS device as you normally would. And if you are hoping for a jailbreak, then you might want to perform a clean restore via iTunes right now while the chance is hot.

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