Some PS4 Pro Games Are Suffering From Visual Bugs

PS4 Pro Crytek

It would seem that some titles on Sony’s PS4 Pro are suffering from visual bugs and glitches.

Now more people are getting their hands on Sony’s enhanced PS4 console, reports of visual bugs or glitches are coming in as well.

As noted by NEOGAF poster “Bananafactory”, that these issues might only affect certain individuals, but indications are there that some of these issues are effecting multiple systems.

Affected titles:

The Last of Us Remastered

Naughty Dog’s narrative masterpiece seems to be suffering from missing textures and/or shadow effects on PS4 Pro. The issue seems to be related to switching between framerates in-game after which bugged textures appear. Solution would be to activate 30fps before loading the game instead of doing this in-game.

found the reason for the bug that caused the glitched water textures in TLOU (at least for me).

Requirement for the bug to happen:
Loading the level in 60 FPS mode and switching straight to 30 FPS as soon as you are ingame.

Workaround: If you activate the 30 FPS before you are loading the level everything will be fine. You are also able to switch between 30 FPS and 60 FPS after that while ingame.


On PS4 Pro, visuals appears softer which might be caused due to a different AA sampling technique. This might not be a bug, but can clearly be seen in the screenshots below.

ps4 hitman

World of Final Fantasy

This title seems to suffer from pixelated/grainy visuals and perhaps a lower resolution. At least, when displayed on a 1080P screen, and its uncertain whether these issues are also present on a 4k display.

World of FF PS4
ps4 pro world of FF

For a little more visibility - World of Final Fantasy is messed up at 1080p on Pro -

Yep - this looks like dogshit on Pro at the moment. My first pro disappointment. I spotted it straight away. Loads of aliasing and the depth of field and blur in some scenes is way off.

I fired it up on my old system to check and yep - it was fine there on the same 1080p TV. Maybe it looks okay on a 4K screen?

Anyway I came with screenshots from both systems -

Standard PS4 with 1.01 patch -

PS4 Pro with 1.01 patch - Screenshots set to 1080p to match standard - I have 4K screenies too - they look like crap too!

The aliasing at high contrast edges looks real bad and Tama is almost blurred out of existence. Please fix for the love of god Square Enix.

Let’s hope that these issues don’t affect all PS4 Pro consoles, and that Sony and its publishers find a way to fix these, if this is indeed the case.

The PS4 Pro is out now for $399.

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