Protect Whats Ours in The New Mass Effect 3 Trailer

Rizwan Anwer

Earth is in peril of being wiped from existence, Shepard and his crew are out on their final mission to make sure that they stop the reapers or die trying. Along the way you can ally your self with aliens and factions to help you in your battle for the fate of humanity. The newer trailer is pretty touching as it shows the sad demise of a beautiful field of sunflowers turn into ash with war ensuing, this is without a doubt one of the best Mass Effect games to come out and will definitely turn a few heads when it releases next month.

Big thanks to reddit /r/ gaming for the image

Mass Effect 3 has been a hot topic for a while, one of Bioware's masterpiece titles is coming to an epic conclusion and its going to go out with a huge bang which will be remembered for ages to come as one of the greatest futuristic RPG ever made in this generation of video games.

Mass Effect 3 sees the return of Commander Shepard reuniting with his old crew from the previous Mass Effect games and many more to come who are all going to aide him in his fight against the reapers, whether the human race becomes extinct or not is in the hands of Commander Shepard and his crew. How you manage your crew, make decisions and control certain situations can change everything and can make the difference between glorious victory or humiliating defeat in this war, Along with the reapers you will have to fight against Cerberus and other foes who stand in your way in your fight.

Mass Effect 3 is coming March 9th for the PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. If you are on the PC version you will have to bite the bullet and buy it on Origin as there is no sign (for now) of this game or any other EA title in the future coming to Steam anytime soon.

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