Mass Effect Fans Can Expect Some “Surprises” on N7 Day This Saturday

If you're a proper Mass Effect fan, then you'll also be celebrating N7 day that's going to take play this Saturday, November 7th. BioWare is said to have a few surprises in store for Mass Effect aficionados as well.

BioWare could tease some good surprises on N7 day this Saturday. Nothing plot revealing, but something for fans.

BioWare is also celebrating, and will be playing the Mass Effect series all day for charity and even offering giveaways and deep discounts on approved and licensed Mass Effect gear through their own shop. But for those of us waiting to hear more about the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda, then we're apparently in for a treat, though there will be no big reveal.

And while we won’t have any major announcements for Mass Effect: Andromeda this N7 Day, keep an eye out on Saturday for some surprises that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

So what could they possibly be revealing for the fans of the Mass Effect series? Possibly more art-work, maybe a piece of the soundtrack, and maybe even a new trailer. That or they could be starting the path to merchandising with something new. And there's always the possibility that it isn't Andromeda related at all.

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