Project CARS Using 7th Core of Xbox One’s CPU to Offload Tasks – Game Utilizing AMD’s EQAA


A month earlier, we showcased a trailer on Project CARS which showed us some of the amazing visuals and tracks in Project CARS. And additionally we've also had news on the frame rate and pixel density Project CARS will be hosting on consoles and PC version which can support up to a possible of 12K resolution. It can be deduced fairly by the looks of things that the game is shaping up to be winner we won't forget in a hurry.

Tech Analysts 'Digital Foundry' recently published their Project CARS findings online. But, unfortunately those findings came from an early build of Project CARS and were taken down as the build wasn't supposed to be used for tech analysis. But it was online long enough for a developer from Slightly Mad Studios to comment and reveal some interesting insight about how the game on the consoles is shaping up to be.

Project CARS Team Is Doing a Good Job With The Graphic Dynamics

The Game will make use of lots of graphic additions and in consoles, Project CARS will also have the capability of motion blur but will be comparable to a medium setting on the PC which seems quite a fair compromise. To improve image quality, the game will also use 8X Anisotropic filtering on both the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. According to the developer: "The final build will have significantly improved frame pacing and the general feeling of smoothness especially when cornering."

On the Xbox One, the game will also be utilizing AMD's Enhanced Quality Anti Aliasing (EQAA) with 8 fragments and 4 samples to improve image quality further and is an equivalent to 4x MSAA on PC.

Earlier, Microsoft freed up an extra CPU for the developers to use where the cores 6 and 8 were available to be used elsewhere but now the 7th CPU core is available for use. Slightly Mad Developer revealed that the Studios was using this to benefit other areas of the game such as "audio mixing, engine sound synthesis and detailed grass generation onto this core, fixing this problem of becoming CPU limited."

And finally, the inconsistent frame rate problem has also been dealt with  as the developers have removed cube-map method and replaced it with SSR (screen space reflections). The game looks ripe for release next month on all three major gaming platforms and is definitely worth the wait given all the work the developers have put in.

Source: GamingBolt