AMD Zen Software Studio Website Gets A New Facelift

Jason R. Wilson
Image source: AMD via J. Wilson, Wccftech.

AMD is rolling out the new webpage for AMD Zen Software Studio. This one-stop site offers links to C/C++ compilers, Fortran compilers, AMD μProf suite, AMD Optimization CPU libraries, AMD Zen Deep Neural Network (or ZenDNN for short), and other various pre-built applications for developers utilizing AMD's resources. The new website section offers an easier-to-access starting page that the company expects to replace

AMD gathers compilers, suites, CPU libraries, ZenDNN, and other applications for development on the AMD Zen Software Studio site

Michael Larabel, Linux programmer, analyst, and editor of the website Phoronix, was notified by AMD of the new site. The company informed Larabel that they expect several improvements in the coming weeks to the site to assist open-source developers. One feature the Linux analyst would like added to AMD's new location is an RSS feed to quickly inform of new updates and information added to the site since it has been inaccessible for seven years. Still, for right now, this new website should manage current compilers, suites, libraries, and more for access by developers and teams looking for easy-to-find resources.

AMD has continued to leave its AMD ROCm website, GPUOpen, and AMD Infinity Hub sections alone. It is unknown if the company plans to combine all departments into a single solitary developer site or if they will separate these sections. AMD also has its AMD Developer Community forum page at

Also known as DevGurus, the Developer community consists of software developers using AMD technology, and industry standards supported by AMD. Developers can post in any of the forums within DevGurus. If you don't find a good fit for your topic in one of the sub-forums, then please put it in the General Discussions forum. The particular DevGurus space is for questions about DevGurus itself.

On the other hand, Intel created the Intel Developer Zone, located at, which allows developers to find the various suites, applications, and other helpful tools that Intel currently offers. It was created last year and may have prompted AMD to make a similar change with its new Zen Software Studio. Intel's Developer Zone now features OpenVINO, oneAPI, Intel Pathfinder for RISC-V, and Intel Quartus Prime Design Software for quick access to the company's newest and most prominent tools.

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