PowerToys v0.41.4 Is Out with Some Fixes – Third Release This Week


Microsoft released PowerToys v0.41.2 and 0.41.3 earlier this week. Today, another version is dropping fixing further bugs. Version 0.41.4 is a patch release fixing an issue in 0.41.3 that the team said it "deemed important for stability based on user feedback."

Fixes include:

  • PowerToys Run crashing when selecting search results
  • Awake has high CPU usage
  • PowerToys Run error on Windows Startup
  • Add "PowerToys" to Awake in systray
  • FancyZones unable to start correctly
    mage resizes to 1x1

Release notes for PowerToys 0.41.2

Change log

  • Shortcut guide removed support for long Win press to activate. Now supports Win + ? by default
  • Turned off FancyZones canvas editor magnetic snapping to allow keyboard support
  • Updated Color Picker GIF for OOBE.
  • Removed outdated MSIX code
  • Upgraded all projects to Modern WPF 0.94
  • Dropped support for the module interface API to save settings
  • Removed Winstore dependency


  • Improved auto-update experience in PowerToys Settings
  • Updated general bug report information to be more robust
  • Improved settings layout for radio button groups. Updated images and menu for OOBE.
  • Localization updates


  • New Awake utility added! Power-Users can now keep their computer awake on-demand without having to manage its power settings.

Color Picker

  • Improvements to Color Picker’s zoom functionality.
  • Prevent duplicate colors from appearing in selection history
  • Improved UX to better support keyboard navigation.
  • Fixed OOBE hotkey description.


  • Full keyboard support for canvas editor's main window and context.
  • New support for faster layout selection by double clicking a desired layout from the editor to automatically apply it and dismiss the editor.
  • New zone activation behavior allows users to snap a window to the zone who's center is closest to the cursor.
  • Added process icon for FancyZones.
  • Fixed issue with zoning minimized windows.
  • Fixed a bunch of accessibility bugs
  • Now an independent exe, detached from the runner process.

File Explorer Add-Ons

  • Adjusted Markdown newline behavior to be less strict so the add-on behaves more like GitHub implementations
    Image Resizer
  • Fixed bug with custom size option where leaving a height/width value blank caused the output to be a 1 x 1 square pixel. Now the blank value automatically adjusts to the height/width that was set.

Image Resizer

  • Fixed bug where specifying a width but no height generated a 1x1 px image instead of auto-adjusting the height.


  • Fixed File Explorer crash when running PowerRename

PowerToys Run

  • Multiple crashing bugs resolved.
  • New Unit Converter plugin! Activate in the query prompt with the default activation phrase %%. Ex: %% 10 ft in m.
  • New Windows Settings plugin! Search for specific Windows settings from PowerToys Run by utilizing the default activation phrase $ followed by the desired setting. Ex: $ Add/Remove Programs or $ Device:.
  • Updated the URL plugin to enable quickly launching the default browser with the action keyword, which defaults to //.
  • Added remainder/modulo support for Calculator plugin via % operator.
  • Faster launching from improved Win32 program indexing.
  • Search text results now highlight matched characters from input.

Settings / Welcome to PowerToys

  • Fixed Color Picker’s key-binding information

Shortcut Guide

  • Customize key-binding from settings menu
  • Took Shortcut guide out of the runner process to remove unnecessary interdependencies


  • Updated .NET Core dependency to 3.1.15
  • Reduced the network traffic by making the updater not download files when they're already cached

For more details on PowerToys v0.41.2, check out this link. Or, head over to this link for v0.41.3 release notes.

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